Short Run Work Samples


Bye Bye Pokemon (Sample)


Bye Bye Pokemon is an autobiographical comic about my love and subsequent falling out of love with Pokemon. I wanted to explore how I could love something so passionately in my early years, only to grow out of it and abandon it as I grew older. Maybe that's a part of growing up.


Saving Promise (Sample)


Saving Promise is my ongoing webcomic following two girls, Sakara and Maya, as they go through college. I wanted a place to explore stories and topics that I had to deal with when I was in college, such as loneliness, racial identity, and studying for a major you were never passionate about.


Keeping Pins On

Pin Page 1_result.jpg

Keeping Pins On is a tutorial I made to that outlines the steps I use to keep pinback buttons on my backpacks. I've amassed close to 200 pins without losing a single one, so I wanted to share how I keep them all on my bags.